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Exterior railings is one of the first things people see when approaching your home. Our railing experts will make sure they are beautiful and safe! We are the only one in the industry offering 10 mil glass with one foot aluminum posts! Summertime home improvement projects often revolve around the deck because that is where everyone wants to spend their time. One of the most important parts of your deck is the railing. It’s what gives the deck personality and it’s the part of the deck that you’ll see most often as you are enjoying the view. Whether you’re building a new deck or updating an existing one, you’ll have many different deck rail systems to choose from. We will help you pick the deck railing that best meets your needs!

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Interior railings

Bring your outside railings inside! Create a stylish new modern look in your home with classic aluminum railings. Can choose between glass, topless glass, picket and more! Wood Railings: The classic wood deck is a quintessential addition to any residential home. A well-built, spacious deck is not only the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining, but it also adds value to your home in the event you decide to sell. Wood railings add an elegant touch to any deck. Choose from any style and stain to customize your railing to fit your needs. It is also more budget friendly. Deck rails are generally wood, usually pressure treated lumber, cedar or pine. The materials are inexpensive to buy and install but wood rails do come with increased maintenance costs. Over the years, you’ll need to keep them splinter free and you’ll also need to periodically replace cracked or warped balusters. You’ll also need to treat them every year or two, either with a new coat of the finish of your choice or with a weather sealant.

Aluminum picket railings

The benefits of using aluminum picket railing for your fencing is that it is more durable and a much stronger alternative. This railing type offers safety for the customer along with the style that suits their needs. It is cost effective as well and is the staple for many deck projects due to its long lifespan.

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Glass Railings

When you’re lucky enough to have a great view, you don’t want to go covering it up or distracting from its splendor with an obtrusive metal deck railing. Fortunately, for those with an amazing backdrop, glass panels can be used in place of railings to create an open feel while still providing security and meeting local codes. The type of railing you choose for your deck can be great at providing security, but it may also block an otherwise stunning view. Glass railing panels are always an awesome choice because they are absolutely stunning and very safe. Typical glass balcony railing consists of a number of glass panels that are attached to an aluminum railing. Glass panels themselves are strong enough to withstand exposure to the elements over a long period of time. Glass deck railing is a strong and durable choice that is transparent enough to give you a pristine view. Unlike wooden decking material, they do not need constant refinishing to boost their durability. They are also strong enough to withstand strong winds, as well as adverse weather conditions. And even better? Glass railing is a great way of bringing in a bit of style and elegance into your home. With its slick lines and modern aesthetic, glass paneling just screams chic style.

Frameless Glass Railings Panels With frameless glass railings There is very little between each glass panel to block your view. This means that each panel does not have any sort of border framing it, allowing you to create a system that doesn’t have any noticeable supports. If you want to enjoy a truly unobstructed view, this is the best choice for you. Since frameless railings need thicker glass railing panels, these systems will obviously be more expensive than other options. But if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted view, the trade-off may be worth it. Framed Glass Railings Panels On the other hand, framed railings use visible support posts between each glass railing panel. These posts are usually wooden, aluminum, or metal. This versatility allows you to come up with interesting and creative design ideas for your deck railing. The best part of these railing systems is that they can be installed on any type of deck surface. Whether it is wood, composite, or even concrete, you can secure framed glass railings to it safely.

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Tempered Glass Railing Panels Tempered glass is different from ordinary glass in a number of ways. It has been taken through a process known as “quenching” that involves heating and cooling normal glass repeatedly. In the end, this produces glass that has been hardened, is six times stronger than normal glass, and difficult to break or damage in any way. And even if it breaks, the glass panel doesn’t break off into large glass shards that can injure you. Instead, it shatters into small, smooth pieces. This reduces the chances of getting injured, making tempered glass the best choice for anyone who wants to ensure their safety. It is a particularly good option for anyone who has small kids or pets. Modern Glass Deck Railing Panels Modern glass panels for decks are the perfect choice if you are going for a more radical look. These glasses are usually tinted and stained to your specifications, allowing you to come up with unique designs that add a one-of-a-kind beauty to your deck. To get the view of your dreams this is a perfect choice and looks absolutely amazing!