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Patio Covers

A covered patio allows you to spend more time outside. ... When uncovered, patio use is often limited by rain or hot sun. A patio cover allows you to take control of your patio space. Most especially if you combine your patio cover with retractable glass walls. 3 Patio Cover Materials and How to Choose the Best One WOOD. Strength: Beauty. There's just something about the appeal of wood that is timeless and difficult to match. ... VINYL. Strength: Minimal maintenance. If you want a patio cover that doesn't need to be sanded or repainted every few years, go with vinyl. ... ALUMINUM.


Durability, minimal upkeep, and low cost. Sunroom: We can also create you a beautiful sunroom as an alternative to a patio cover. The obvious, immediate value that sunrooms offer is that they provide a place to relax and add living space to your home. It is important to remember that sunrooms and solariums are also a sound investment. A well built sunroom will typically return more than 70% of your investment at resale.